Foundation Strategic Priorities 2014- 2017

 The 2010-2013 Strategic Plan adopted by the Foundation's Board of Directors was bold, developing major new initiatives and activities for the Foundation, while staying true to its core mission, vision and values. In 2013, the Board listened to feedback from members via focus groups, listening sessions, member surveys and task forces. This communication reinforced that the new programs have been enthusiastically embraced by members, board, staff, and the community.
The process undertaken to “refresh” the Strategic Plan has allowed us to affirm several initiatives from the previous Strategic Plan -- elements and programs that were designed to deepen the learning opportunities for members by offering more educational programs, more grant making opportunities and more connections across the community -- to formally become part of the permanent platform of WWF. 
Below are some highlights from the 2014-2017 Strategic Plan "Refresh":

Partner Grants: Advanced Philanthropy and Learning
These three accelerated, advanced grant making opportunities echo the best practices of our Pooled Fund Grant Committee, and enable a nimble response.

  • International Partner Grants: honoring our members strong interest in global philanthropy, and learning about the work of local nonprofits in countries around the world
  • Diversity Partner Grants: making our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness actionable, and learning more deeply about the needs of specific communities
  • Emerging Issues Partner Grant: recognizing special interest topics and emerging needs, and learning about innovative solutions 

Merit Awards
Awarding $2,000 and broadly recognize the high merit of the 5 organizations on our ballot not awarded the Pooled Fund Grants each year.

Robust education programs
Offering an array of compelling and relevant educational programs to members – more than 40 each year.

Enhancing community connections
Building bridges with others at the vanguard of philanthropy to access a broader base of knowledge, we will pursue new avenues of collaboration, and augment our portfolio of learning opportunities for members.

Special Response Grants
Empowering the WWF President to make one-time grants up to $10,000 annually to collaborate with other funders on local philanthropic initiatives, often in response to a community need or natural disaster.

What’s New
Several top themes have emerged through member feedback channels that reflect the educational and philanthropic interests of our members. During 2014 and beyond, WWF will study these ideas and actively incorporate them into our practice.
• Continuing our focus on membership growth
• Enabling new opportunities for members to network and learn together, with added social elements to selected programs, and program offerings at varied times of day
• Offering more programs focused on themes of effective leadership and strategic governance
• Introducing educational programs focused on advocacy as a strategic philanthropy skill